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Special benefits, preferred status and extra privileges

Media representatives have access to special benefits: GNS Press, an international organization of journalists, issues an authorized PressPass (IPP) for journalists on international assignments can use around the world. Thanks to this service, the press and media professionals now have at their disposal a globally usable tool and document of protection, which is truly one-of-a-kind. It facilitates a journalist’s work – in particular during assignments abroad.

The high-end design and quality of this representative passport document make it comparable to a government issued national passport. It comes with a whole range of special security and certification features:
 • Signed certificate of authenticity
 • Approval number (authorization)
 • Gold foil embossing
 • Verified check notes
 • Guilloche
 • Verification stamps
 • Hologram
 • Security label
 • Barcode identification
 • Needle perforation
 • Watermark
 • Permit number
 • Forgery protected design
Full Image: Presse Pass International
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 • Elegant PressPass wallet (engraved). Stylish. Adequate. Representative.   - have a look -
The PressPass has 52 pages and contains text copy in 22 languages. In these languages it also includes industry relevant passport notices for government agencies and security services (e.g. pertaining to the handling of film material and storage media, electronic inspectionsm, x-ray hazards). The PressPass can either be issued with an expiration date of several years.

The first class alternative: The original PressPass for journalists
Worldwide exclusive: In addition to a passport photo and your personal data, this representa-tive pass also contains numerous specific entries. Each pass is initiated on all pages, stamped and signed by authorized issuers. Supplementary entries may be added depending on the holder’s individual needs, e. g. to add editorial certifications, accreditations or memberships. A certified registration confirmation (Central Register), printing on special paper (similar to the paper used for government issued identification and passport documents), the identification number - all these additional features make this state-of-the-art pass the perfect document for press professionals. For details on the terms of issuance and service fees, please click - here -
Additional: International press sign (7-language version)
Depending on the version you choose and the desired validity (standard, executive and amba-ssador version) you will receive a car press sign (7-language version), with a value of EUR 30, at no additional cost to you. The sign is license plat independent and can be used in any car.
 • The features:

 • Registered identification number
 • Valid 1-year stamp
 • Dimensions approx. 21 x 15 cm
 • Original press seal
 • Barcode identification
 • Forgery protected design
 • UV protected (sealed laminate)
 • Plagiary protected (special color sequence)
 International press sign
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Issuance guidelines: The international PressPass is issued to individuals engaged in journalistic work (full-time professionals or part-time freelancers) and remains the property of the issuing organization. The holder is required to return the PressPass upon termination of the journalistic work without having to be prompted to do so. Any misuse will result in the immediate seizure of the pass.
Enjoy the high level of acceptance of this international door opener
Based on the assessments of many industry experts, the PressPass is one of the most efficient press documents for those of you traveling abroad on journalistic assignments, if you need to network or make the perfect impression upon your contacts.

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