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Federal Managing Office - Division IPP: Cooperative relations worldwide:
• European Press Federation e.V. (EPF)
• c/o General News Service Network Association Inc.
• Annette-Kolb-Str. 16
• DE-85055 Ingolstadt
• E-Mail: Contact
• Vereinsregister: VR 200315
• EPF Steuernummer: 124/108/10571
• EPF Ust.-ID (§ 27 a UStG): DE 265545340
• Vorstand der EPF e.V.: Rudolf Walter

• Telephone: +49 (0) 841-951. 99 687
• Telefax:     +49 (0) 841-951. 99 661
• Status:: Official registered Association
 PressCard International
Responsible of the G.N.S. Press Association & Tax ID:

• Office hours Monday to Thursday:
• 9.30 - 11.30 am and 15.00 - 17.00 pm
• Telephon: +49 (0) 841-951.99 687
• Telefax: +49 (0) 841-951.99 661
• Director der General News Service Network Association Inc.: Rudolf Walter
• GNS Ust.-ID: DE 227354822
• Official Reg. Act. No. of GNS Press: P0.2000.133.258

In Cooperation mit:

• European Chamber of Journalists e. V.
• Journalists and representatives of press in Europe
G.N.S. Media-Services:

• Text and Graphic Design:
• G.N.S. Press Association Inc.
• Pictures/Images licensed by:
picture credits
Ambassador office Germany and Europe:

• G.N.S. Press Association Inc.
• Representative Europe
• Annette-Kolb-Str. 16 in D-85055 Ingolstadt
• Email:
Ambassador office Middle East and India:

• Mr Murad GHOLI
• Representative Middle East & China
• StatieStraat 25
• B-2600 Berchem-Antwerpen [Belgium]
• Email:
Middle East
Ambassador office Middle East and India:

• Mr. Mahmood Amjad RAI
• Representative of Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal,
  Hongkong, Singapore, China, India and Sirilanka
• Rai House, Mohallah Lalanpir, Jhang Road, Shorkot   City - PK - PUNJAB
• Email:
Ambassador office Italy:

• Dr. Giuseppe Viaggio - Representative Italy
• Email:
Ambassador office Netherlands:

• Mr Gualtiero Buonamassa - Representative
• Dennendal 83 - 3142 LB Maassluis
• Email:
Int. Research and Redaction Management:

• Mr Frederic Vandell
• Mr Peter Neumann

Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gem. § 6 MDStV:

• Lorenz H. Walter
• Email: Direktkontakt
• Anschrift: c/o G.N.S. Press
• Annette-Kolb-Str. 16
• DE-85055 Ingolstadt - Germany
G.N.S. Memberships:

• Member of EUCJ (European Chamber of Journalists)
• Member of the LA Pressclub
• Representation Office of the ENA-Agency
• Fördermitglied der Society of Professional Journalists
• Member of Experts for Europe
• Promoting Member EPF (Press Federation)
• Newspaper Association of America (NAA)

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